I’m a Christian. I am always thankful to God for what 
I have.  This is a wonderful year that I have because
I get to learn many techniques of teaching phonics. 
Furthermore, the native teacher appointed to my school 
is very kind and helpful. She listens to our questions and
thinks of ways to the answers. My group of teachers who 
is under her care is proud to have her around us. We
learn a lot from her and I know we are surely benefited
from her guidance. Madam Claudine, thank you very 

I like these video clips very much.
They have helped my pupils learn
about phonics. They are taken from
Youtube. Hope you will like them
too. Enjoy teaching and learning!

Isn’t this wonderful? My Year One pupils 
enjoy reciting and doing actions each
time when I play the video clips.


Wai Jey Ying said...

Your blog is beautiful. The content in your blog is very interesting.