I just found an interesting website for having fun 
while learning English. It is called Woodlands
Junior School. If you have never been to London
and afraid that you will never reach there, just
go to the site. You will be amazed to find a page 
which introduces the city with nice pictures and
        Oh, guess what? There even a subject 
called Pokemon Journey. Cool, isn't it? So, what
are you waiting for? Go and have a peek. You
will like it.

        Hey, besides Woodlands Junior School
you might also like the following links:

        1. Fun With Words
        2. English Grammar Online 4 U
        3. Fun English Games for Kids - Free Teaching Resources Online
        4. Activities for ESL Students

       I think those are enough to occupy your
spare time now. Happy learning! 


Wai Jey Ying said...

Yes, you are right. It's really helps me too.